Women Filmmakers Essay

Women where art thou?

Is Artist sexist or is it that there are not enough ladies passionate about filmmaking? There has always been a lack of female movie producers. Maybe some women feel they do not possess a chance because it is a guy dominated globe so they provide up on their very own dream of making films. As a result of small number of female filmmakers it is currently difficult to get studios to imagine women in charge. Hollywood feels that film is a key business filled with financial risk and the complete industry is founded on demonstrable accomplishment. It is very uncommon that people will take a risk on female producers. The perception is the fact traditionally 2 weeks . man's part. I feel cash gives guys power. It is true that men have directed the great majority of high-grossing motion pictures over the last ten years, but it does not mean a woman cannot do the same.

Film directing is far more than a a lot of the time job. If you are making a movie, it takes up every day and moment you will, 16 to eighteen hours every day, for a season or even longer. So women who want to have kids and be a film director have to make significant choices mainly because most of the time the initial mother would not want to leave their particular newborn with just any person or some babysitter. Most women opt to spend all of their moments raising their child. However , I are here to become a trend- setter and reach my desired goals. I will replace the perception the earth has to women in control and change the near future for filmmaking. With my own determination I will become a completely independent filmmaker that wont only represent women although minorities as well.




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