Why Cosmetology Essay

Right now I have my mind wear majoring in Cosmetology. I haven't had an actual work related to this career, aside from doing durham jobs when asked to. It is because of the self-employed work We've done that we decided to make use of this career path for now. I thought to myself, really want to make more money away something I really do already anyhow? Like Jessica, from Actual Stories, I possess changed my thoughts a lot about the kind of job I want to. One thing I am sure of now though is that I actually don't need to be a cosmetologist for the rest of living.

I can certainly see me in a job that is not related to Cosmetological. My goal is to produce a change in people's lives, and I think that this is amazing doing that. If making people feel happier about their appearance provides them self-assurance, I have carried out my work. This relates to the career I really want to be a Youth Probation Police officer because I wish to make a change in teenagers at an early age. A cosmetologist and a copie officer happen to be two very different careers, but when you really think regarding it they both try and make an impact in people's lives.

I was sometimes worried that I should go through what Jessica coming from Real Stories went through. I am afraid that the job I want can be nothing like the things i expected. If I were Jessica I would have done more study on the work place of the job. Online research is always great, but there is nothing like interviewing someone that is exactly where you want to be. They have been generally there and can tell you exactly what to anticipate.

We should also have options is obviously. I personally get bored of the same program. This could have an effect on my decision of the job I want over time. So , I think it is a good idea to attend graduate school to expand the options. We never understand how a job actually is until we actually start working it. It does not matter the amount of analysis we do on a certain career mainly because everyone's knowledge is different. We could individuals, and a few might...

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