Week 1 BIS221 Essay

University of Phoenix Material

Overview of Information Devices Table

Information Systems Types

Description / Benefits

Example of Each (Including Vendor Identity / Merchant Website)

How have you viewed them found in your organization or an organization you happen to be familiar with? 1 . Databases

Databases allows businesses to organize all of their information on one place, rendering it easy for individuals to access and share information. Microsoft Access, www.Microsoft.com

Databases save time and initiatives. Our company has lots of details in their repository like recruiting information, calendars, research abstracts and many other issues that are useful to all employess. 2 . Systems

Networks will be multiple personal computers linked together. It permits to share methods like programs and printers. Cisco/www.Cisco.com



All of us utilize each of our network to have access slightly to our printers and other equipment. We likewise share paperwork on community drives that employess can access. 3. eBusiness

Ebusinnes are firms conducting organization over the internet. They have many benefits to consumers like one end shopping, undertaking from the comfort of your home, and more affordable prices Amazon/www. Amazon. com

Ebay/ www.Ebay. com

I utilize ebay to purchase a few products which can be unique plus they can only be found in different countries or persons selling them after a period of time. Some examples happen to be collectable items 4. Wireless

Wireless is usually telecommunication via electromagnetic ocean the hold signals. Cellular allows visitors to access net from diverse places without needing to connect to a land line, additionally, it allos individuals to communicate throughout the worls. AT& T/www.att. com

Verizon/www.verizon. com

At the company all of our computer systems can connect wireless to the database, likewise we can hook up our phones to our wireless network in order to have faster access to the internet. 5. Social networking

Social media allows people to generate and share information....

Online Social Networks Composition