Web Browser Composition

Date: 02/02/2010

Practical No .: 2

Goal: To create SRS (Software Requirements Specification).


1 . Launch

1 . Purpose

This document is aimed at defining the general software requirements for software ‘Web Browser'. The final merchandise will have just features/functionalities stated in this file and assumptions for any extra functionality/feature should not be made by one of the parties associated with developing/testing/implementing/using this system. In case in case it is required to have some additional features, an official change ask for will need to be raised and eventually a new relieve of this record and/or product will be created.

This specification file describes the capabilities that is provided by the application application ‘Web Browser'. Additionally, it states the various required limitations by which the system will abide. The planned audiences for this document will be the development group, testing crew and owners of the merchandise.

2 . Range

The software program product ‘Web Browser' might be a windows software that will be employed for browsing, surfing, and downloading it applications and other documents over the internet and beginning any CODE page over intranet. The application will manage the browsing and installing, history, login name and passwords for different internet site accounts and pop-ups. In addition, it manages the consumer settings that this user provides before closing the application previous time. You will not regret affect the development of various other applications that are running with it. The application form makes browsing the internet satisfied and very interesting.

3. Explanations, Acronyms, and Abbreviations

1 . Definitions

|HTML |- |HTML is a type of computer language that is primarily utilized for files that are posted on | | | |the internet and looked at by web web browsers. | |WWW |- |The WWW may be the universe of network-accessible details, an agreement of human | | | |knowledge. | |SRS |- |A SRS is a finish description with the behavior from the system to get developed. | |DBMS |- |DBMS is definitely a computer software software that is designed because the way of managing most | | | |databases. | |Internet |- |Internet is network of sites that contains millions of personal and open public, | | | |academic, business, and government systems of regional to global scope which have been linked by simply | | | |a broad assortment of electronic and optical marketing technologies. | |Protocol |- |A protocol is a couple of rules which is often used by computers to communicate with each other | | | |across a network. | |Datagram |- |A datagram is a self-contained, self-employed entity of data carrying satisfactory | | | |information to be routed from the origin to the vacation spot computer devoid of reliance on| | | |earlier exchanges between this kind of source and destination pc and the carrying | | | |network. | |URL |- |URL is a set that identifies where a great identified useful resource is available and the mechanism | | | |for locating it.

2 . Acronyms and Short-hand

|HTML |- |Hyper Text Markup Language...

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