Vinegar as a Source of Battery pack Essay



Electric battery or more accurately, a cellular – is actually a device when the reaction among two substances can be designed to occur in this kind of a way that some of the chemical substance energy can be converted to useful electricity. Since its invention, the battery is just about the most common power source for several household and industrial applications. There are many ways to construct a battery, and also ways to control its produced output. This kind of Home-made Vinegar Battery can be described as battery that is constructed away from basic components. Adding the white vinegar with a tape of copper mineral wire and zinc forms a simple battery pack. Low amperage devices, like a digital time clock and calculator can be very easily supplied by this kind of battery. . an additional beneficial factor this electric battery is that it really is absolutely environmental friendly and it is much cheaper than the other types of power supply. It does not contain any poisonous that is hazardous and dangerous to human's health and it is extremely easy to develop. fossil fuels do. And most especially, it does not work in the ozone layers such as the It is considered as a renewable source of energy since it can be normally replenished. Vinegar is a water consisting mainly of acetic acid (CH3COOH) and water. The acetic acid can be produced by the fermentation ofethanol by acetic acid bacteria.

General Aims:

This study thru physics aims to find out that white vinegar can be alternative battery. -it is very convenient battery since the materials required are only home materials. -we can save profit this kind of power supply.

-this is usually environmental friendly because it will not contain virtually any toxic that is hazardous and dangerous to human's wellness. -it is simple to construct.

-and most especially, it will not have any effect inside the ozone levels like the fossil fuels do. You know that the world is now facing an energy turmoil and everyone is intending to do something about that. You can now show everybody that electrical energy or electrical energy can be...

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