Special Education Teacher Composition

Name: Andy Tice Particular date: November 13, 2010____________________

EDU 221: Summary of Education

Thurs night: 4: 20-7: 00 g. m.

Fall 2010

Instructor: Professor Dick Percy

Viewpoint of Introduction to Education

Interest and consideration - two words with very different connotations, but for me, one is the driving force behind my perseverance to teach. It's been a long and winding road for me to reach this point of my life, and for me to find my accurate destiny to become teacher. It is currently that I recognize that my consideration for children is actually will improve my instructing aptitude as well as the combination of my education and compassion cause me to feel a qualified candidate for any teaching position. In a nutshell, my consideration for children is actually drives my personal passion to train. As I consider the road that is certainly ahead of me, I are thrilled with excitement and eager to check out the many possibilities that lay ahead of me personally. Most of all, My spouse and i am interested in the framework of my own future class room and aims I plan to tackle inside my future profession. I feel I actually owe my students the best possible upbringing and education. They will deserve a stimulating and supportive environment that brings out the best in them. I wish to encourage my personal students to broaden their particular imaginations and reach for desired goals they deemed unattainable. Let me strive to instill morals in my students and encourage them to treat each other and the community with respect and understanding. My own students will probably be my major responsibility -- their needs will be placed before my own and the development will be my concern.

Before we are able to know in which we are heading, we must 1st know exactly where we originate from, and the same is true intended for the educational field. While I i am striving for brilliance in my career, I must teach myself around the strides my personal field made throughout background. Vital lessons can be discovered from our place's history and the mistakes made in the past. I have to reflect on these types of past advances the educational field has made and continue to look forward. At the same time, I will be able to determine potential regressions the discipline is trending. I know I am able to make not merely make an effect in the lives of my very own students, but also in the lives of college students everywhere easily stand firm during my beliefs and fight for equality and proper rights of all children and require that they always be granted all of the opportunity to obtain their dreams. Following current political and economic issues affecting education will allow me to understand the direction the field is definitely heading and make educated opinions and allow me to produce a stand for what I so strong believe in, and my involvement in these concerns will ensure the academic field will certainly continue to improvement. At the same time, identifying and dealing with current concerns confronting education will empower me to help make the proper stages in my quest and further instruct me. These current problems will show me which groups of youngsters are being neglected or genuinely offended by each of our public education system and pinpoint which matters I have to fight for or perhaps against. The top key is education; I need to end up being educated in education. To achieve this, I will continue my education after acquiring my bachelor's degree. Basically fail to do it, I will be faltering innocent children and underfeeding yourself them of their right to an excellent education. Let me also enroll in all university board group meetings and be voice for these children in my community. I will as well continue to have your vote in state and federal elections in hope that we may make a difference concerning these issues and so I can change the lives of children country wide.

One of the issues confronting education which i am many passionate about is definitely the amount of government involvement allowed in our university systems. As education is known as a major target in the nation's politics and recipient of government and express funding, the government naturally enforces strict restrictions and rules on the school devices. While the degree of this national involvement may differ, the most common barrier...

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