The Unclouded Day by Annie At the Proulx Essay

The Unclouded Time by E. Annie Proulx

A) Language Words/Terms:

1) Grouse: a medium to large game bird having a plump physique and feathered legs, the male being greater and more conspicuously colored compared to the female. 2) Briar: a Mediterranean shrub or little tree.

3) Cleave: to adhere closely; keep.

4) World: a reddish colored, swollen indicate left in flesh by a blow or pressure. 5) Imminent: likely to occur at any moment; impending.

6) Putrefy: (of a body or other organic matter) decay or decay and produce a fetid smell. 7) Rime: frost formed on frosty objects by the rapid very cold of water vapor in cloud or fog. 8) Parabola: a symmetrical open plane curve formed by intersection of any cone having a plane parallel to the side. 9) Inelegant: not elegant; with a lack of refinement, gracefulness, or good taste. 10) Confection: a sweet planning of fruits or the just like, as a maintain or candy. 11) Wastrel: a wasteful or good-for-nothing person.

12) Veneer: a thin layer of wooden or additional material intended for facing or inlaying wooden. 13) Briciola: a sparkly silicate vitamin with a split structure, found as day scales in granite and other rocks, or as crystals. 14) Mettle: a person's capacity to cope very well with problems or to encounter a challenging situation in a spirited and resilient method. 15) Sorrel: a European grow of the ipod dock family, with arrow-shaped leaves that are used in salads and cooking because of their acidic flavour. 16) Contortion: the work of turning or deforming the shape of something. 17) Tamarack: a north american larch, Larix laricina, from the pine family, having a reddish-brown bark and crowded clusters of blue-green needles and yielding a helpful timber. 18) Instinctive: caused by or perhaps resulting from or as if by instinct; natural; unlearned. 19) Portico: a structure consisting of a roof maintained columns or perhaps piers, usually attached to a building being a porch. 20) Mammoth: a large extinct elefant of the Pleistocene epoch, commonly hairy using a sloping back and long rounded tusks. 21) Carcass: the dead body of your animal.

22) Sodden: condensed with liquefied or dampness; saturated.

23) Tendril: a threadlike, leafless organ of climbing vegetation, often growing in spiral form, which connects itself to or twines round another body, so as to support the plant. 24) Foremost: first in place, order, get ranking, etc .

25) Catatonic: appearing to be in a daze or perhaps stupor; unresponsive. 26) Clod: a group or mass, especially of earth or perhaps clay.

27) Oblige: to require or constrain, while by law, control, conscience, or force of necessity. 28) Sultry: oppressively hot and close or perhaps moist; extreme

29) Veldt: the wide open country, bearing grass, shrubbery, or bushes, or very finely forested, attribute of elements of southern Africa. 30) Ocher: the color on this, ranging from light yellow to a orangish or perhaps reddish yellowish. 31) Pith: soft or spongy tissues in plants or animals, in particular. 32) Riven: divide or tear apart violently.

33) Redolent: using a pleasant scent; fragrant.

B) Extended Response Questions:

1 ) Based on the author's make use of diction and syntax Santee is portrayed as a character with " traditional” beliefs. Money and materialistic things are unimportant to Santee. Once Santee noticed Earl's weapon, he " thought this overrated and overpriced, but it was a better instrument than his own field-grade Jorken with the broken stock he'd meant to substitute for years. ” (Proulx, 90) Santee is probably not as rich as Earl but this individual doesn't feel good about currently taking money from him. " Earl was spending Santee 300 dollars per week and this individual hadn't taken a single bird.... Santee, feeling more and more such as a cheating outdated whore every time they went out. ” (Proulx, 92) Santee's gun is also proof of materialistic things not mattering to Santee. " Santee's gun, like their owner, was inelegant and long inside the tooth, however it worked well. ” (Proulx, 90) Santee is a man whom keeps his word and doesn't return back on it. " Santee went because he experienced taken Earl's money. Before the fool taken a bird on his own or perhaps gave up, Santee was...

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