The Scarlet Letter Article

The Scarlet Letter Essay

A person might show his corrupted side externally; even though it is only as a result of his unhappy and supportive character that he develops this dangerous side of him. In The Scarlet Page by Nathanial Hawthorne, Roger Chillingworth, Hester Prynne's partner, illustrates his conflicting features internally and externally. Inside, he is very sensitive, lonely and loving of Hester. On the exterior, he shows the stronger corrupted aspect of his character through his activities and terms. Since he can deeply used by his strong take pleasure in of Hester, his corrupted side becomes even more robust when his love effects his evil actions. This illustrates how his corrupted nature is more important. Individuals use all their strong enjoy doing fraudulent actions after getting hurt by one they love.

Chillingworth is a very tender man who have loves Hester and is forlorn without her. He shows his consideration when he complies with Hester in the jail cell. Hester has become put in jail for being an adulterer. The girl committed coition only because her husband kept her by simply herself when he was someplace else for several years. Also this is when Hester, the one this individual loves, damages Chillingworth. He tells her " I drew thee into my own heart, into it's innermost chamber, and sought to warm thee by the warmness which thy presence built there! ” (69) Chillingworth is showing her how much he loves her and exactly how she utilized to give him heat. It is only a consequence of his appreciate for Hester that he seeks to hurt her; similar to how she harm him the moment she sinned. Chillingworth would like Hester to feel discomfort as he performed when he discovered that she acquired relations with Dimmsdale. Chillingworth becomes this unhappy person and " a cardiovascular system full of torture” (153) emerges after eight years of discomfort and Hester's adultery. Chillingworth becomes and so dismayed and miserable over these years of being consumed by simply revenge.

Chillingworth shows his corrupted part when he takes advantage of a situation he is in with...

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