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Jessica Schwartz

LIT 203

Meg Martin


Literary Elements in ‘The Giver'

By Lois Lowry

The literary aspect that I decided to go with for this piece of content is symbolism, as it

generally seems to run intensely throughout the book. The initial recognizable symbol is baby Gabriel

who will be a working metaphor for the future, while babies often are. He symbolizes a new

future not only for Jonas, but also for the community as things are to change with his

disappearance. He also symbolizes hope. He represents a longing for success on behalf of

Jonas, in addition to a human connectionrivaled by the particular Giver.

The sled is yet another symbol. It is a symbol of memory and of the power that

memory weilds. It becomes a strong enough pressure to propel Jonas forward in a time

of great need of strength and endurance.

The water is a symbol of the uncontrollable. That flows away from community

and is out of your control of the community. The only damage that is not attemptedto be

eradicated altogether from memory space is that of a kid named Caleb, who was shed to the

river. Once Jonas understands how detrimental it would be for the community in the event he were lost,

his thoughts turn immediately to the water as his fear.

Color can be described as symbol to get understanding. Once Jonas begins to perceive color, he

attains to be able to understand what he sees. It is a metaphor for perception.

Eye color is another symbol. The light eyes that Jonas, Gabriel, and The Giver

talk about symbolize a deeper, unsaid connection. It can be implied that the unspoken

connection is usually genetic instead of simply coincidental, but this kind of possibility is never

broached in the text.

Nudity is a image that, to Jonas, symbolizes personal independence and the ability

to be truly close to someone else.

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