The Counterpane Essay

The Counterpane: An Objective Point of view on the Relationship Between Ishmael and Queequeg

In this composition I will be discussing the queer (peculiar) relationship of two character types from the new, Moby Dick by Herman Melville. Both the characters of focus will be Ishmael, the key protagonist, and Queequeg, a harpooner that Ishmael encounters. I will look at the growth of their relationship as their getting together with and examine their relationships with one another as the story progresses. I will interpret the significance of their behavior applying examples of symbolism and develop used in the novel.

In Moby Dick, by Herman Melville, Ishmael and Queequeg form a very good bond that develops during the period of their experience. Their relationship is more intense than the average friendship between men. Quotations such as " hearts' honeymoon” and " cozy, supportive pair” advise a sense of marriage between them. Ishmael is shown to care for Queequeg a great deal. He became fearful for Queequeg's well-being – " Get the axe! To get God's reason, run pertaining to the doctor, someone, while I pry it open! ” Additionally it is apparent that Ishmael greatly admires Queequeg. He appears to be very interested in his physical physique, " reveling his brawny shoulder”. I believe that by analyzing the images and strengthen of the book, their marriage can be portrayed as more than a common friendship. Ishmael and Queequeg's relationship is more tender and psychological than a common male friendship, this can be seen through certain uses of imagery. At first Ishmael was not wanting to share a bed with the mysterious harpooner, but following much explanation Ishmael discovered that Queequeg was actually well mannered and kind guy. There is in that case much less stress as they shared a pickup bed. Ishmael identifies how Queequeg's arm was thrown more than him in " one of the most loving and affectionate manner” and how he could have been mistaken for his wife. " Thus, in that case, in our hearts' honeymoon, place I and Queequeg, a cozy, loving couple. ” This imagery provides...

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