The Alchemist Essay

The Alchemist Composition

In life, people have their own personal legend. Whether it is giving people a reason to not forget the brand or obtaining the dream job, the voyage to a personal legend is definitely not an convenient one. A personal legend can take your entire life to obtain or even realize what it is! Santiago's personal star was to locate the prize, and even though it was not all to easy to00 handle he managed to make it happen. Santiago may not have reached his own legend without the dream that started it all (the contact to adventure), the obstructions that ended up being helping him( tests, allies and enemies), or the people he fulfilled along the way (mentor).

To begin with, Santiago would not be aware what his personal legend is definitely without the wish. The desire reoccurred including first Santiago tried to remember to brush it away, but then this individual thought of that as a great " omen”. This is his " Call to adventure”. From there, he decided this individual wanted to be considered a Sheppard and travel the earth with lamb. Later on in the book he met the gypsy woman. The girl told him, " You should go to the pyramids in Egypt. I have never heard of them, but if it was a child who showed you them, they exist. Then you definitely will find a treasure that will assist you rich”(Coelho 14). In the event the gypsy would have never told him the actual dream meant, he might have never known the actual meaning of his personal story, and would not be able to satisfy it.

Continuous, the result of Santiago's journey will not be the same in case the obstacles that were in his method were not presently there. It's kind of like the saying " One step back, two actions forward”, the obstacles that may have briefly been poor or acquired in his method, actually finished up helping him in the long run or perhaps making him stronger. Such as when Santiago lost most his cash and had to work in the shop for a year or so, he ended up earning money and understanding how to speak Persia which was very useful for him.

Finally, the mentors that Santiago achieved throughout the book were also extremely crucial to him reaching his...

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