Shi Huangdi Was A Negative Ruler Essay

Shi Huangdi

Shi Huangdi was obviously a powerful Chinese language ruler throughout the Qin empire. I feel that having been a bad ruler for a few causes. He slain many persons, burned background literature ebooks, and this individual sent his own boy into exil. Although he did several things to advantage China, this individual ruled through fear and intimidation, sacrificing many of his people for his own personal goals. The best example of Shi Huangdi's violence was the number of individuals he murdered. When overtaking the warring states in his individual empire, he killed two thirds of the other states population. He had a dream to build a great wall. To build that he needed a constant stream of peasant workers whom almost always perished building the wall via malnutrition or exposure. Chances are they simply put the useless bodies in the wall to use as building material. Also, Shi Huangdi desired all background to begin with him. Therefore this individual burned all books having to do with history and literary works as well as Confucius's 9 analects. He obtained up about 460 scholars and made the dig a 15 feet deep gap. The next day that they scholars were forced to bounce into the pit and then had been buried surviving. During this event, Shi Huangdi's oldest boy questioned for what reason his father was accomplishing this. Shi Huangdi then dispatched his very own son to northern Chinese suppliers. All these things Shi Huangdi did confirm how terrible of a leader he was. Shi Huangdi was a bad leader because he slain many people, burned background literature ebooks, and sent his personal son in exile. Irrespective of his few accomplishments for China, his reign was obviously a one of fear and violence for the people.

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