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Quick Questions: Chapter 1

Sociology: Point of view, Theory, and Method

Multiple Choice:

1 . In accordance to Emile Durkheim, a category of people with a higher suicide rate typically has

a. more specialized medical depression. c. lower social integration.

m. less money, electricity, and other methods. d. better self-esteem.

installment payments on your Making use of the sociological perspective motivates

a. demanding commonly held beliefs. c. the belief that world is mysterious. b. receiving conventional knowledge. d. visitors to be more content with their lives as they are.

3. The word " sociology” was coined in 1838 by

a. Karl Marx. c. Mandsperson Smith.

n. Herbert Spencer. d. Auguste Comte.

5. Looking at the us, high suicide rates happen to be typical of states in which people a. live compressed in towns. c. have higher earnings.

b. live spread a part in country areas. g. live in a hotter climate.

five. W. Electronic. B. Ni Bois stated that _____ was the significant problem facing the United States during the 20th century. a. classc. gender

b. ran. ethnicity

6. In making decision about how culture should be increased, the ________ approach in sociology rejects Max Weber's goal that researchers always be value-free. a. interpretivec. scientific

b. criticald. positivist

several. Which German born word meaning " understanding” was used by Max Weber to describe his approach to sociological research? a. Gemeinschaft. c. Verstehen.

b. Gesellschaft. d. Verboten.


__________8. Sociologists focus just on unconventional patterns of behavior.

__________9. Being a discipline, sociology first required root in France, Germany, and Great britain.

Short Response

10. List the three conditions that are required to establish cause and effect in cultural scientific analysis.

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