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Fatimah Furaiji, Małgorzata Łatuszyńska, Agata Wawrzyniak

Main submission: 15. 03. 2012 | Last acceptance: doze. 06. 2012

An Empirical Study with the Factors impacting on Consumer Behaviour in the Electric power Appliances Market Fatimah Furaiji1, Małgorzata Łatuszyńska2, Agata Wawrzyniak2


This study contributes to a further understanding of the effect of different elements on client buying behaviour. It studies the relationship among several 3rd party variables, just like cultural, social, personal, mental and advertising mix factors, and consumer behaviour (as the centered variable) in the electric devices market. The objective of this analyze is to identify the factors affecting consumer preferences and behaviour inside the electric appliances market in Iraq. The information employed to analyse the factors influencing consumers' buy decision-making techniques were obtained through a set of questions that was conducted in December 2011 in Basra, a city in southern War. The major findings of the examine indicated that, overall, the set of independent variables are weakly associated with the dependent adjustable. However , the in-depth research found that social elements, physical factors, and marketing mix factors are strongly associated with consumer buying behaviour. These studies make it possible to find out consumer decision-making rules. The results may assist makers and retailers in understanding buyer behaviour and improving customer satisfaction. auto financing structure, number of financing sources, financial crisis D1, M3

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Basra University, Iraq College or university of Szczecin-bukowe, Poland


For firms to attain commercial success, it is vital that managers understand consumer behaviour. The relationship between consumer behaviour and marketing strategy is emphasised because the achievement of companies' marketing strategies depends on managers' understandings of client behaviour (understanding of consumer behaviour is particularly important within a recession – see Kotler and Caslione (2009). Customer buying decisions indicate how well

the company's marketing strategy matches market demand. Thus, marketing begins and ends with all the consumer. The study of customer actions is based on customer buying actions, with the client playing three distinct jobs: user, payer and buyer. Research has proven that client behaviour is difficult to predict, even for experts during a call (Armstrong & Scott, 1991). Consumer conduct involves the psychological operations that consumers go through in recognising the requirements, finding strategies to solve these types of needs, making purchase decisions (e. g., whether to get a product and, if therefore , which manufacturer and where), interpret info, make plans, and apply these plans (e. g., by performing comparison shopping or perhaps actually buying a product). DOI: 10. 5709/ce. 1897-9254. 52

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An Empirical Research of the Factors influencing Customer Behaviour in the Electric Home appliances Market


Consumer behavior research efforts to understand simple characteristics of their behaviour. Studying conthe client decision-making process, both singularly sumer conduct helps to determine who the customers and jointly. It research individual consumer characterare, what they want, and exactly how they use and react to the istics including demographics and behavioural factors in product. The wishes of the customer are cautiously studied an attempt to understand peoples' wants. Customer beby performing surveys about consumer behavior. haviour exploration allows for better understanding and forecasting regarding not only the topic of purchases Factors Influencing Consumer but also purchasing motives and purchasing rate of recurrence Behaviour (Schiffman & Kanuk, 2007). The stimulus-response style (or the black...

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