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The studies reflect that the fact inside the Philippines, sons and daughters are brought up and treated differently inside the family, in accordance with parents' male or female expectations that minor society's own prescriptions for what is usually appropriately manly and feminine.

The studies discloses some of the disadvantages experienced by the girl-child coming from the restrictions she has to contend with in comparison to the boy –child. She is as well given more responsibilities indoors because of the expectations that women will need to learn how to carry out household function. If world continues to view household are inferior function, then it could possibly be concluded that the girl-child is socialized to be limited in her upcoming options. And when the girl-child becomes a woman, there is nonetheless the double burden that she has to shoulder once she aims to manage children and career at the same time. However, the boy-child is also trained, but for a unique set of duties, as in operate outside the home that works on and conditions them to get a wider range of future mobilisation.

Child-rearing research rarely used gender because analytic variable, while on the other hand, studies on gender differences rarely touched upon child-rearing to explicate how a gender stereotypes or distinctions under analysis came to be. Right now there remain a large number of gaps in empirical analysis in the Israel concerning the direct link or perhaps relationship among child-rearing methods and the development of gender roles and stereotypes, therefore investigations down the road should make a conscious effort to feature these variables in the organizing, conduct, and analysis of research.

Lastly, although the family is very powerfulk in the creation of male or female roles and stereotypes, this cannot be denied that other factors should be considered well, including peer socialization and school, church, and press influences. They might strengthen or perhaps modify the final results of family members socialization.

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