Qualities of any Good Media Program Composition

Qualities of a good media plan

The Media is used to communicate to large numbers of persons. It is a useful method for increasing an issue, encouraging debate as well as for making an issue more prominent. The information can be presented through various press and the public may generally choose to read, pay attention, view or disregard the material offered. In order to ensure the multimedia cover building your shed is through paid advertising, although this is high-priced and there is still no guarantee that your goal group will require in your info. If paid for advertising is difficult, there is worth in evaluating opportunities to gain access to community-service information for the two print and electronic media. Publicity, like a media relieve, is the most well-known and valuable method for attaining possible coverage of your job. Careful number of the multimedia that are most likely to be accessed from your target group will also increase the reach of the information. •Paid advertising could be run through:

othe produce media (such as periodicals, magazines and newspapers) othe electronic press (such as television, radio and cinema) ooutdoor multimedia (e. g. billboards/poster planks on trains, buses and taxis). •Publicity can be obtained through:

ointerviews and talk-back sessions in radio

omedia produces and selection interviews with the press and tv set media olaunches, announcements and news meetings.

Down sides

•the very high cost advertising space

•possible distortion (dilution or exaggeration) of information during editing •communication is generally visible (letters to the editor and talk-back car radio overcome this to a limited degree) Added headlines or leading paragraphs may not support the main concept. Media interest is often turned on by: •the unusual, the most recent, the sensational

•action, drama and emotion

•'stars': well-known, entertaining identities

•spectacles and visuals

•'people' stories

•Public-interest reports: who, what, when, where, why.

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