Osram Swot Essay

Stage one particular

Strengths| Disadvantages

Strong market positionManufacturing themselves| Less-efficient of their system| Opportunities(Potential benefit)| Dangers

Cost reduction| Fierce competition


Strong market position

Osram is a second greatest lighting tools manufacturers in the world (22% of sales), and Europe as well (34% industry share).

Production themselves

Simply because they manufactured approx 90% of their products themselves, they are less-affected by the benefits of the buyer.


Less-efficient of their system

Osram has no good advantages of their goods, bad warehouse system, and normal customer service in comparison to major competitors'.


Cost reduction

While Osram GmbH try to re-arranging the number of facilities, certainly that allows for improvement of support level and lead time, decreasing the entire inventory level and centralization of purchasing. According to this, it truly is expected to significant cost savings for them.


Brutal competition

In 1989 GE began to advance in the Euro market, which has a couple of huge M& Because. And the many minor corporations in this sector have lowered significantly by simply acquisition. It could make competitors' stronger, and since then the full-scale price conflict has begun.

Stage 2

Strengths| Weaknesses

FlexibilityEconomics of scale| Variables in the replacing warehouse| Opportunities(Potential benefit)| Threats

Cost savingsGrowing demand for safety and save energy| Intense competition



After Osram GmbH took over all Western european stock entirely and authority of managing logistics, getting from the BG's, the Euro-logistics team of Osram GmbH could advance in the decision-making process since they need not wait for the purchase from the BG's. And it provides the company an obvious view of inventory organizing, central getting which minimizes transaction expense, and real demands and so forth.


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