Online Shopping Essay

Online shopping is a huge growing sensation all over the world, especially among countries with well-developed infrastructure to get marketing activities over the Internet. The development of more advanced technology has caused smoother surfing on the Internet. People can now access the Internet through not only from Personal computers, but also from the Web TVs, PalmPilots and mobile phone. Relating to a examine, more than 600 million people will have accessed the Internet worldwide by the end of 2002 and spent a lot more than US$1 trillion buying goods and services online (Straits Time, 2002). The typical online purchaser back in 2000 was well educated, married, and had a high economic position (Coyle, 2000). Electronic retailing continues to grow in size and importance as more and more consumers make an online purchase, and attire purchases symbolize a significant portion of online purchasing. Americans spent $184 billion dollars on total apparel in 1999 with 1 . 1billion caused by online apparel purchase (Kuntz, 2000). However some research upon consumer Internet behaviour has begun to appear, tiny attention has been devoted specifically to buying apparel online. Each of our study fills this gap by centering on this new clothing behaviour.

Online shopping is a new technology that has been created together with the development of the net. It is a easy method of searching and allows for a vast array of products to be at your fingertips. Nevertheless , fraudulent usage of the Internet is usually a concern for most shoppers. Cyber thieves steal identities of shoppers after which exploit them causing a theft with their identity. This may lead to a variety of challenges, causing fraudulent credit card charges, opening fresh credit accounts, and improper use of current accounts. This concern is usually on the minds of Americans who would be the largest client of on-line goods. Most however , experience as though it is worth raise the risk, or it is only a limited opportunity. The two attributes of the disagreement will be discovered in the next...

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