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Suject: Munchee IMC plan for Southern East Asia


Brief background on CBL (Munchee)

It was the visionary Mr Mineka Wickramasingha in 1960 who also wanted to expand his family members business from your chocolate marketplace. It was as well that PROPER CARE looked at causes of nourishment pertaining to the lower income stricken. It had been a substitute of your biscuit that Mr Wickramasinghe proposed trying to expand in those lines. At that time the industry leaders had been Maliban. These people were the ones who were awarded the contract. As a result of lack of space, CBL was first launched at Dehiwela in his own building to produce a substantial protein cookies for educational institutions. From this footing Munchee, offers marched toward capture many of these of the industry of the regional market. For more than 40 years the brand name has developed a certain nostalgia that may be irreplaceable by any other company. The taste is definitely enjoyed young and old alike. Generally there vision is to become the primary biscuit in Asia.

Product stock portfolio

CBL now makes various food items which have turn into house maintain names in Sri Lanka. CBL expansion is not only with cookies to which consumers are more familiar, they also have sweets under brand name ‘Ritzbury' as 1990s. The other brands are Tiara and Lanka Me llaman. There are numerous subcategories under each product. There are jellies, soya base goods, cereal items, herbal porridges, soups and much more. Sub Categories under the Munchee brand

Sweet biscuitsCrackers Puffs Savory Cookies Cream Cookies

Marie Cookies Assorted HerbalWafers

These are superior and hand-moulded chocolates. These come in boxes and slabs. Can be as a coated biscuits or perhaps wafers or perhaps beans or candy bars. It is in various flavours, type, and size. Sub Classes

Chocolate Lined Biscuits Candy Slabs Little

Caterers RangeChocolate Coated Espresso beans Chocolate Layered Balls

Delicious chocolate Coated Chocolate Bars Specialized ChocolatesChocolate Covered Wafers

Gentle sponge cake made to best texture and taste

Level Cake Portion Cake Chausser Sponge Cake Swiss Rotate

Company functionality

Ceylon Biscuits features undisputable quality. CBL has shown a growth both in sales and profit for the last 5 years. Revenue got doubled from Rs. 1 . 9 to Rs five, 2 Billion by 2005. Group turnover grew simply by 48% that same 12 months. Net income that season was Rs. 533 Mio. This was the greatest recorded income for this company. CBL profit gradually grew, as it caught on to a worldwide market. Simply by 2011 product sales revenue has grown by 25% in comparison to 2010. The overall income margin was around 9% for the recently past five years. If ever the business saw a little decline it had been due to commercial unrest. This biscuit can be spread over 96, 000 stores all around Sri Lanka. CBL export products to thirty eight international destinations. It has been in a position to spread really fame in South Asia as well. Some of the countries of export will be USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Hong Kong, China and tiawan, India, Maldives and even the center East countries. The annual export earnings is about US $ 5 to 5 million. CBL has its own awards due to its entrepreneurship. These types of awards will be Exports inside the Gold Category, Product Make of the Year to get four consecutive years, Anugu International Meals Fair award. The daily production is about 150 lots. The gross annual production is approximately 45, 000 tons. You can actually labor force is approximately 3, five-hundred. Company sustainability relies on stringent norms on quality, feel and flavor. For this by using the latest technology, innovative promoting, research and development. The three C evaluation

You will find three stages that need to be carefully scrutinized as a way get a total overview of the item. Customer examination

Of the main brand Munchee, the customer examination will be carried out on a subwoofer category -Marie widely known as " Tikiri" Marie –or Munchee Tikiri Marie. It is a small measured biscuit. Industry segment picked were children....

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