Motherland: Kazakhs and Nation Essay

 Hi everyone! My name is Akerke! I was here today to talk about Kazakhstan. I want to introduce my nation where I had been born, where i came from and whom I am for those who how to start about it. I also have a lot of reasons why I select this matter. Now our company is living in producing country also to live below without education, without abilities is impossible. When we had been born the government recently had an enormous responsibility to take care of us, nurture us and instruct us. All of us go to school to fill up our brains with great knowledge also to get the equipment we need forever. But these equipment are not enough to prepare just for this world. Consequently our authorities and our parents desire us to get more competitive for the future within our country! They provide us probabilities to study in another country so that we can learn a lot and knowledge a lot. On the other hand who research abroad if they finished their very own study they may never revisit, don't actually mention producing contribution to the country. I want to say intended for like these learners before you wish to experience a fresh life abroad or in other country remember who reinforced you, who have give you opportunity to go in foreign countries and study, who produced you whom you are now. All of this you have among your household, relatives and friends also in your flexibility Motherland. Motherland is the place where you can pay attention to the tracks that you increase up with and speak in native terminology, don't you think it's a enjoyment? Writing or perhaps speaking about Motherland always produce so much pleasure. My universe for me is definitely the motherland, as well as the motherland is Kazakhstan! Kazakhstan is a completely independent republic country which has a extended and deep history having a lot of historic events! A country, which has a huge territory, different nationalities, a number of customs and traditions!, It truly is located in the Central Asia. Its populace, is sixteen million. Everybody of Kazakhstan have equivalent rights and duties. The ancestors would many functions, fought pertaining to our freedom and long term. They sacrificed themselves for our region...

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