Motivational and Orginization Lifestyle Essay

Mindset and Company Culture

In just about any organization, the management is the key to a powerful business. There are many different kinds of leaders in the workplace every one of them performs a different position to make the business organized and also to help keep the employees motivated. In respect to Robbins, DeCenzo, and Coulter (2011), " Motivation refers to the process by which someone’s efforts are stimulated, directed, and sustained toward attaining a goal”(pg. 266). Workplace mindset is successful as the management inspires their workers and retains the tasks on schedule so that they get completed. The managing of a firm should be role model because of their employees that they work with. If the management section is good in their work, they will get the value of their staff and will be able to achieve goals on time and keep their section organized. Employees should not be the managements good friends but rather managing should keep your relationship over a professional romantic relationship with their workers, but have a common ground that the employees think that they cannot converse with management since they are too stringent, but rather that they may keep a positive attitude and provide advice to the employee with out sounding incredibly rude or perhaps mean. One of the important things for a manager to appreciate is that the approach something may motivate these people, may not be a similar theory for someone else and might not have the same influence on that employee or even one other employee.

To have a motivated employee, it is the managers responsibility to make sure that the employee's understand the task offered and that they stick to task, provide an environment that is certainly healthy, that they can find methods to try and keep the employee's enthusiastic and ask intended for the employee's personal feeling about concerns or perhaps if they may have ideas that could contribute to the organization. It is also necessary for managers to realized that inspiration is not just a personal attribute, but persons differ in...

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