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п»ї8 April 2011


Executive Overview

Sui Generis is a company that plans to launch a new product, customized watch, in to the market. Sui Generis's vision is to establish a brand name and brand value for alone and to turn into one of the leading 30 enjoy companies in Singapore in 3 years. The company aims to gratify customers by giving a program for people expressing their creativeness by customizing their own wristwatches according for their personality, preference and choice. It also should become you of best 30 businesses in Singapore by 2014. Many different sections in the enjoy market will probably be targeted by providing different range in rates to suit various needs and take advantage of option indicated by trend to individualism. The main objective should be to achieve initially year revenue of 5000 units nearby and 1000 units internationally and to make brand awareness locally in the global marketplaces. The primary economic objective is always to keep the initially year deficits to S$1million, breaking even at the second year and start earning revenue of S$1million in the third year. SituationВ analysis

Sui Generis intends to erect a great assembling device in Singapore that compiles watches from components that have been outsourced. A store would be opened in Singapore to sell the finalized productsВ

Political / Legal

Singapore is a noteworthy stable region with the suitable laws and policies regulating businesses to safeguard the interest of consumers and shareholders. Our company strategies to adhere to the us government policies, work and other related laws in the act of marketing our product, considering all necessary taxes and levies. В Singapore government is stimulating entrepreneurship offering spring grants or loans to aid internet marketers in their course of setting up a organization. By basing our company in Singapore, we can make use of this scholarhip to aid the company's financial spending in our promoting operations. В Economic Factors

Singapore economy is steady thus far and is expected to increase as the country has made a number of efforts to talk to people coming from all over the world. At present, the Singapore dollar is definitely strong and as our organization requires outsourcing parts from other countries, we can make the most of00 the favourable exchange costs. В We plans to outsource via developing countries such as Cina and India as such developing countries provides cheaper recycleables and work costs.. Social-culturalВ

Singapore can be described as country that is managing an aging populace. Despite this, it truly is encouraging and promoting degree, focusing on comfort and ease living and expressing identity. There are many educational institutes in Singapore with 3 famous Universities we. e. NTU, SMU and NUS. The company can reach out to the youth adults in theses campusesВ Technical

Technology required in making designer watches is normal. The technology in Singapore surpasses precisely what is required in making a standard observe and provides the sufficient elements in creating good quality wrist watches. В Current Market Situation

Sui Generis, founded a month back by 6 entrepreneurs, is approximately to enter this timepiece market. Wristwatches have become a necessity for monitoring time and even while a fashion item. Research implies that nine away of ten Singaporean frequently wear a wrist watch. Competition is usually intense with three Swiss companies keeping the most percentage in the global watch marketplace. These companies are Swatch Group, Richemont and Rolex. In the Singapore industry, Casio, Sample Group and Rolex have the biggest business. However , competition in customize watches is definitely little both locally and globally. Hence to gain business in this powerful environment, Sui Generis must differentiate the product, concentrate on its uniqueness and generate brand consciousness. Market Description

Sui Generis's market consists of consumers who also prefer to be unique and wish to differentiate themselves through the rest. Specific segment being targeted throughout the first year include...

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