Lesson Strategy Form 4 Persuasive Speech Essay

|SUBJECT |GROUP/CLASS |DAY /DATE |PERIOD/TIME |LEVEL OF PROFICIENCY Intermediate | | |English Language |4 Abu Bakar |20-09-2012 |1345-1420 | |No. of Pupils: 26 | |Theme: People and Interpersonal Issues |Topic: Consumerism | |Lesson Overview: |This is actually a speaking category to acquire students to understand and work with persuasive dialect features involved with effective persuasive speaking. Pupils | | |will realize that how they state something is crucial to persuade or perhaps influence others as well as boost their overall assurance in | | |communication and speaking in public. Firstly, instructor invites college students to identify and match vocabulary features to appropriate case in point on the | | |whiteboard. Then, teacher will check the answer by simply explaining chinese features linked to persuasive conversation as well as fast students to | | |give even more examples. After that, teacher displays a video of persuasive advertising which produced by other learners. After that, students work in | | |group for ‘Dragon's Den' process. Students is going to deliver all their persuasive presentations that include chinese features in promoting their designated | | |object. Finally, the class will certainly vote for best group powerful presentation and also discuss the effectiveness of the language features used. | |Learning Final results: |Level: | | | | |1. 2 Experience social conversation by: |1. 2 Level 1 | |(b)Participating in conversations and discussions. |(vi) Participating in a conversation. | | | | |2. 3 Delivering information to different audience by: |2. 3 Level several: | |(c)Composing, revising and editing drafts, and examining accuracy of spelling, |(xx) Applying process writing skills by: a. discussing the topic with teacher and peers| |punctuation, and grammar. |and jotting down tips; b. composing out a plan. | | | | |3. 2 Express themselves creatively and imaginatively by: |3. 2 Level 3: | |(a)dramatizing text messages and role playing characters; |(iii) Composing basic poems, stories and dialogues at a level suitable to learners. | |Learning Targets: |By the final of the lessons, students should be able to; | | |Provide and deliver persuasive presentations by utilizing persuasive vocabulary features correctly to promote given object. | | |...

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