2 . 07 Review Research Paper

Review Concerns

What is physical evidence? Give at least three good examples in your solution.

Physical evidence is anything that can easily establish a crime has occurred and anything that links the crime and the criminal. Examples would be a topic, a frizzy hair or even bloodstream. Describe 3 ways that a criminal offenses scene may be recorded. What exactly is benefit of every single?

Three ways against the law scene could be recorded will be pictures that really help to give visible evidence and is viewed later to appearance back on the crime scene, Video has the advantages of both equally recording the visual elements of a field, but it may also serve as a kind of notes in the event information is usually related in to the recording, other ways of recording is attracting. Photographs might not always present a good photo of the size of a room or from the relationship of items to each other, thus a sketching can be used to additional illustrate that. What is a string of guardianship? Why is it significant?

Chain of custody is known as a list of individuals that the evidence have been passed along to. It is vital to know so that when it is released in court there is proof it is protect. What three types of photographs will be taken at crime views? Describe each type?

Three types of images taken in a crime field are overview, intermediate, and close up images. Overview images are used to show the crime scene in vast angles. Advanced are used to show the area surrounding evidence. Close up images are used to present an injury, a weapon, or a piece of proof. Why is it vital that you record the crime landscape?

The record of the offense scene really helps to create a chain of custody showing precisely what is present on the scene as well as its location, as well as the overall condition of the picture. This information may be vital within a criminal the courtroom trial. Important Thinking Queries

Why is it essential to secure the crime landscape? What do you imagine would be the hardest part of doing this?

The most tough part of obtaining the criminal offenses scene can be keeping track of each of the evidence...

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