History 103 Maryland Versus. Craig Essay

Frederick Variath

History 103

Maryland v. Craig

497 U. S. 836 (1990)

The Supreme Court docket case of Maryland versus. Craig was argued April 18, 1990 and determined June twenty seven, 1990. It originated on August 1986, when a Howard County grand court charged Sandra Ann Craig with kid abuse, initially and second degree sexual offenses, depraved sexual practice, assault, and battery. The victim for each and every count was obviously a six-year-old lady named Brooke Etze who attended a kindergarten and prekindergarten centre, owned and operated by Sandra Ann Craig.

Ahead of the case traveled to trial, about March 1987, the State wanted to use a Baltimore statutory method which allowed the assess, jury, and defendant to get a verified closed signal television (CCTV) testimony via Brooke Etze. For this method of testimony to occur, the evaluate had to see whether the child's presence inside the courtroom would increase her suffering of emotional distress and make her struggling to communicate fairly. After careful consideration, the evaluate invoked the process and brought about the child observe, prosecutor, and defense counsel to move to a distinct room as the judge, jury and defendant remained in the courtroom. The child witness was then analyzed and cross-examined, in person, although those who continued to be in the court docket were able to perspective everything through the CCTV system display. Sandra Ann Craig objected towards the use of the one-way closed circuit tv testimony as it breached the Confrontation Offer of the Sixth Amendment, built applicable for the States through the Fourteenth Amendment, which claims that " In all felony prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the proper... to be confronted with the witnesses against him. ” The girl believed that it was necessary for her to be face to face with Brooke Etze pertaining to the trial to be good, otherwise " the defendant retains the essence with the right of confrontation” as well as the inability to get the jury to view the demeanor from the witness during...

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