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According to the cake chart regarding, it revealed that there are 63% of the men will buy the items within the affection of their friends as well as for the female, there are 69% of which will purchase the item beneath the affection of their friend. Match up against these two curry charts, it showed which the affection of friend on the female's decision of buying an item are 6% higher than the affection with the friend on the male's decision of buying an item. For another graph below the cake chart, it showed the expenditure of male per month is about $1200 and the costs of feminine is about $1600. The expenses of girl is greater than the men about $400. The result of the survey had matched with the hypothesis we all made just before, the peer pressure is likely to make a greater influence on the woman's consumption style and the feminine will have a greater expenditure. By virtue of of expert pressure is likely to make a greater influence on the female's consumption pattern, it is because women is more vulnerable than the male and the feminine always head to shopping together, they will supply the advices to each other when they are interested something. And this made their decision about buying an item will have a larger affection than the male. And for the female have a greater costs than male is because several female extremely care about their particular beauty. Consequently , they will spend a lot of money for the clothes or perhaps make up, this make them ought to spend more than male within the expenditure each month.

In respect to another survey result we have made, you will find 70% of the student will certainly affect by their friend which result demonstrated that the students in the Community University of the Lingnan University are easy to affect by way of a friends issues consuming habit and it matched the hypothesis we all made prior to, there are a confident relationship between your influence in the consumption pattern, peer pressure and vice versa. For the reason that there are a positive relationship between the impact of the ingestion...

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