Great Gatsby Essay

Ezra Okoye

Mrs. Linn

English C. P

twenty seven May 2013

Fitzgerald's Style

Every individual provides his personal style, his own technique of presenting him self on and off the field (Sachin Tendulkar ). Likewise, F. Scott Fitzgerald features his personal unique way which he uses in the works that differentiates him from the rest of the authors. Furthermore, in the Wonderful Gatsby, a historical imaginary novel, Farrenheit. Scott Fitzgerald paints an image of a way of living and a decade that is the two fascinating and horrific which will to most people, is evocative and makes all of them look at their particular way of life in different ways. His style, especially in the wonderful Gatsby is definitely described as " lushly evocative” because his works include a brilliant understanding of lives which have been corrupted by simply greed and are also incredibly sad and unfulfilled.

Fitzgerald's Great Gatsby shows a very powerful live that may be full of great material points if viewed on the surface level, when we go below the area we would detect a whole array of emotions which are not very pleasing to the sight. Greed and extremely sadness are a couple of the feelings that can be seen below the level in the Great Gatsby and it hard drives some of the characters to do some things which they were not meant to do. In the case of just how his style showcases his understanding of the lives which might be corrupted by simply greed, Fitzgerald wrote, " She never loved you, do you listen to? he cried. She just married you because I had been poor and she was tired of waiting for me” (Fitzgerald 130). Basically, Daisy is usually been greedy and self-centered when the lady chooses to marry Ben because of his money rather than love, mainly because greed affects not only the person but as well hurts the loved ones to that person. Identically, we see avarice being the underlying idea in the Superb Gatsby when Fitzgerald had written, " He wanted practically nothing less of Daisy than that she should go to Tom and say: We never liked you” (Fitzgerald 109). Although Daisy shows a sign of greed in her activities, Gatsby also follows fit in his constant desire...

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