Flextronics Administration Information System Essay


A management information program (MIS) can be described as subset in the overall inner controls of any business covering the application of persons, documents, systems, and techniques by management accountants to solving organization problems such as costing an item, service or maybe a business-wide technique. Management info systems are distinctive by regular info systems because they are accustomed to analyze other information systems utilized in operational actions in the organization. A 'MIS' is actually a system to get the collection, treatment, storage and dissemination of data in the form of information necessary to perform the capabilities of administration.

MIS and information system are frequently baffled. The information devices include devices that are not prepared for making decisions. The area of study, LOS is sometimes labeled, in a limited sense, because information technology management. It should certainly not be mistaken for the computer scientific research. MIS as well having several differences among Enterprise Useful resource Planning (ERP) as ERP incorporates factors that are not essentially focused on decision support. Today, the term is used widely in numerous contexts and includes (but is not really limited to): decision support systems, resource and people managing applications, project management and database retrieval application.

In this assignment, I possess conduct exploration about the chosen business – Flextronics which is a leading Electronics Developing Services (EMS) provider. I have identified the info about the corporation and describe the information systems in the firm in terms of it is input, procedures and results and in conditions of their organization, management and technology features and the importance of the device to the business. The impact details technology (in this case the application of information system) to the organization is also one of them assignment.

Review of Flextronics


Headline: Design. Build. Send. Service.

Flextronics is a leading Electronics Production Services (EMS) provider aimed at delivering full design, engineering and developing services to automotive, computing, consumer digital, industrial, system, medical and mobile OEMs. It is headquartered in Singapore. Flextronics helps buyers design, build, ship, electronics products and services through the network services in 35 countries and 4 prude. The existence of this kind of global design and executive is to provide a solution, as well as core electronics manufacturing and logistics providers, and vertically integrated components of the technology, to enhance customer operations by lowering costs and shortening time for you to market.

Providing OEM Consumers Worldwide

Flextronics offers the broadest worldwide EMS capabilities, via design solutions to end-to-end vertically bundled global supply chain companies. Flextronics designs, builds and ships total packaged goods for its Oe Manufacturers (OEM) customers and offers after-market and field providers to support consumer end-to-end supply chain requirements. Flextronics supplies more value and innovation, in order to make full utilization of its clients in the global economy of scale in manufacturing, logistics, purchase, design, engineering and ODM services into a wide range of companies customer base. Flextronics in 40 countries, with world-class crew, including regarding 4, 500 design engineers, through the 7 diversified consumer market segments and 6 major business units. Flextronics to boost the global organization and provide even more resources to improve the design and engineering alternatives, vertical incorporation and developing, logistics, and component technology, to boost customer procedures by reducing costs and shortening a chance to market.

Significant Scale and Execution of your Worldwide Program

Flextronics provides a wide range of network design, making, logistics establishments, the world's leading electronic...

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