Character Education and Me Essay

After reviewing all the materials to get the training course, I i am convinced that character education is a thing that must have a presence in schools. Registrants of all grade levels can benefit from learning how to turn into civilized associates of world. I agree with Lickona (1992) as far as the family getting the to start with teacher of morals. Since adults, we all continue to reflect on our probe and benefits with desire of continuously improving ourselves, especially when we become father and mother. I and many other new parents ran out to get a child-rearing manual to aid me in raising my own children the very best I could.

Character education should be included into the lessons daily in context. Because the School Family video demonstrated, it should certainly not be done through bribing, satisfying and punishing students with no lesson involved. After the college adopted the Conscious Discipline program, it seems that they have pupils use their particular words to talk out all their issues with each other. I feel it has a better impact on the students in the long term. They will be better able to handle conflict in the future due to lessons their teachers include helped them to understand.

Kohn (1997) described the side of character education with which the majority of teachers will be familiar. This individual explains, much like the Fern Creek video says, that students are most often drilled and rewarded through the character education programs. I do not necessarily agree that the principles should be educated out of context. Like a language teacher, I can tell you quality that marque memorization will not show understanding of a concept. Additionally , any person who may have raised a preschooler can tell you that one of the initially questions a child asks can be " How come? ” Children do not learn from simply staying corrected or told how to handle it. They master when they can explain for what reason something is the way it is. Very good character is very developed by understanding ones morals and wishing to abide by the virtues in which we all live.

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