Essay regarding Feasibility Examine


This feasibility study eligible " TSIBOG” proposed and submitted by simply Marilyn 3rd there�s r. Catibog, Elsa C. Duño, Kren Ur. Escio, Janella Mahrie H. Libera, Gladys S. Lirag, Abigail A. Magnaye, Jordan Anthony Mistades, Christopher G. Nonan and Shella Sandoval in partially fulfillment with the requirements for the degree of Bachelors of Scientific research in Business Government has been examined and advised for acceptance and endorsement for the ultimate examination.

________________________ MR. REY REGAN GATDULA, Adviser

Approved by the panel for Last Examination having a grade of ________________.

____________________________ ______________________________


Leader Member

Approved and permitted in part fulfillment in the requirements to get the degree of Bachelor of Research in Business Administration.



College Dean, AMACC

Lipa Metropolis


The proponents wish to convey their warmest honor and sincerest appreciation towards the persons who in one method or another helped the inside the fulfillment and realization with this work.

Above all, to our much loved savior, Each of our Almighty God for all the blessings, strength, skillsets, knowledge and perseverance in this kind of tasks.

Secondly to our father and mother for every one moment that they can lend with us, for every drop of their sweat or us to go after our research, for their surrender to support all our needs. Anything would be like a tattooed in heart that could never ever reduce.

Special thanks to MSGT. Pedro H. Sandoval for the time and effort of supporting us to convince a few officials allowing us to use our organization located by Barangay Fernando.

Thanks to our friends classmates, advisers, mentors and relatives for helping us to have distinct ideas and new discoveries that really backed our jobs.

Special due to Mr. Rey Regan Gatdula for sharing your knowledge at all times and for allowing us to master everything regarding our discipline.

One thousand times of declaring thank you is definitely not enough; in the event that not as a result of you these tasks didn't be feasible one. You were each of our inspirations and strength to pursue all of these. Thank you so much pertaining to the bottom of the hearts. May possibly the Ay Spirit guidebook us usually..


We commit this humble piece of the effort to our parents, brother and sisters, mentor, classmates and friends, for his or her support and encouragement, and above all to our Almighty Goodness, who provided us strength to finish each of our work.

M. C. Ur.

E. C. D.

E. K. 3rd there�s r.

J. S. L.

G. S. M.

A. A. M.

M. M.

C. G. N.

S. W. S.




Market study is regarded as as the vital element of every business.

The business enterprise was named " Tsibog”. It originate from the word " eat” or " to eat too much”. The advocates came up with this name intended for the business simply because the leading items which was surely appetizing and can easily attract customers. The proponent thought that this term was well suited for the name of the business and that it might be easily become remembered or known by the customers. A number of the products to supply were French fries, cheese stays, kikiam, chicken/fish nuggets, seafood balls, squid balls and drinks like gulaman. Plus the purpose of the organization was to give a great tasting product yet low cost to our highly valued customers, to earned fair profit to get the partners' benefits throughout the management practices and lastly was going to acquire the finest skills to develop the proponents' character as efficient and effective managers. The target industry of the organization was within the area...

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