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Creative story

Precisely what is creative history? In general, innovative story can be writing which in turn expresses the writer's feelings and thoughts in an creative way. The main element elements of an innovative story incorporate characters, topic, setting, story, structure, problem, crisis, and resolution. Heroes are tour guides who lead the readers in to the fantastic universe created by writer and theme is what the copy writer wants to display to the viewers. Setting is important in making the storyline " real” and resulting in the atmosphere. Story is a thing that happens to the characters and structure shows how the copy writer develops the storyline. Complication and crisis make the story tenser and more interesting. Resolution ultimately ends up the story. To create a creative story, I will stick to the four levels of writing. First, I will write an attention-catching beginning to bring in the heroes, location and setting. And then, I will build-up tension and conflicts to help make the story even more exciting. After that, the story actually reaches its orgasm. Finally, the characters fix the problem and the story comes to an end. In the producing, I will make use of figurative vocabulary like similes, metaphors, personification and hyperbole. These can make my tale alive and help the reader visualize a sharper image by comparing that to something which they are familiar with. I think you have to " think out of the border” when writing a creative tale. Everything can happen in a creative story as an alien attacks people or maybe a school instantly disappears. In addition, I will benefit from the process of publishing and communicate my feelings and thoughts to the readers through my own story.

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