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Component One

Hello i'm Christopher Brogdon and I live in Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA. I'm at present 26 years old and don't pass any nicknames. I at the moment working as being a produce attendant for a local supermarket located up in Chesnutt Mountain of Philadelphia. I graduated from Abraham Lincoln High School in 3 years ago and was obviously a part of Usaf ROTC. In 2013 I used to be discharge in the United States Military services. My goal is to reach my maximum potential within online education and a traditional physical school. This really is my thirteenth course with American Community University, my major can be Public Health. My spouse and i going for an Associate's Degree not a bachelor yet. My own overall aim is to get a degree related to the field of nursing, just before I head into a nursing jobs program. Being a male health professional in my objective. I anticipate pursing an LPN qualification first and after that my Bachelor's Degree in Nursing to get Registered Nurse. Going to a major university or college in Philadelphia is typically 19, 500 dollars per semester. My own personality is generally a reflection of nursing and fits flawlessly for position. Nursing and Psychology goes hand and hand. A single subject cannot work without the other. Growing up I found it very interesting to watch just how other people work and function daily. I actually watched all their body moves and how each uses to replicate different habits. My learning goes for this program in very simple, do well in anything I really do. It took us a long time to get at this point around me and it's important that I no longer screw up, especially in College. That i knew of about Psychology from observing Bugs Bunny dress as being a Psychiatrist and preforming different acts to amuse the group. Largely my personal understanding of Psychology extends by my own knowledge of observing man behavior when I was small. Knowledge of Mindset can well benefit me well within the Nursing Discipline in dealing with individuals and virtually any behaviors which i may come across. I believe that Biological perceptive within the analyze of Psychology could ideal explaining human being...

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