Chidcare and Development Level 3 Product 025 Dissertation

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List and description the main legal guidelines, guidelines, policies and types of procedures that protect children and young people. The key legislations that safeguard children and young people are, Children's act 1989- which claims the responsibilities of parents and professionals who must job to ensure the basic safety of the child. This Act includes two important portions which focus specifically about child safety. Section 47- states which the Local Expert has ‘a duty to investigate when there exists a reasonable trigger to realise that a child is definitely suffering or perhaps likely to undergo, significant injury. Section 17- states that services should be put into place to ‘safeguard and promote the welfare of youngsters within the place who are ever in the position, of if somenone you know is in the position, of needing a. The education work 2002- which in turn states the responsibilities of Community Education Regulators (LEAs), regulating bodies, head teachers and everything those employed in schools to make sure that children are safe and clear of harm. Kid's act 2004- This provides the legal platform for Every Kid Matters. It includes the requirement for: • services to work more closely, building an integrated services • a ‘common' evaluation of children's needs

• a shared data source of information which can be relevant to the safety and wellbeing of children • Earlier support for parents who also are encountering problems. The primary policies and procedures that safeguard children and young adults are, • Child protection/safeguarding children

• Anti intimidation

• Collection or later collection simply by parents or perhaps carers

• Missing children

• Photo policy

• Safe recruiting of personnel and volunteers

• Secure internet make use of

• While blowing treatment

• Treatment responding to concerns/ allegations of abuse or of poor practice

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Make clear how Kid Protection makes the wider concept of safeguarding children and young children. Kid protection is actually a part of safeguarding and promoting well being of kids and small children because it refers to the actions that is taken up protect specific child/children who are suffering or are very likely to suffer significant harm.

A persons Rights Action 1989- that is not fully account to children but it reveals what a lot of human rights are which are aimed at kids such as, • Right to a college degree

• The justification to life

• Freedom type torture

This protects and safeguards kids because this is known as a legislation that is put into place to protect all people in britain Assessment criteria 1 . a few

Analyse rules like Every Child Matters and The Children's Work 2004 along with your settings plans and procedures for safeguarding, and claim how they impact your day to day use children and young people. Every Child Issues declares that schools must support college students to be healthy, stay safe, delight in and achieve, make a positive contribution and achieve economic well-being, no matter what their history or scenario. When nurseries or colleges are dangerous or unwelcoming to kids, they are breaching Every Kid Matters. ECM is based on the United Nations Meeting of the Legal rights of the Kid. The Children's Act 2004 was designed with guiding guidelines in mind for the attention and support of children. They are: • To permit children being healthy

• Allowing children to remain secure in their conditions • Helping children to enjoy life

• Assist kids in their quest to succeed

• Help to make a contribution – a positive contribution – to the lives of children • Help obtain economic steadiness for our children's futures My establishing follows the two every child matter and the children's act 2004 since we have to enhance the safety, achievement and well-being of all children in our care to give all of them the best we can offer therefore they have a great successful start in life that may continue through the entire rest of their life.

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Clarify when and why questions...

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