Spreadsheet Building Essay

Assignment quick


BTEC National Diploma because of it Practitioners

Unit number and title

Unit 42: Spreadsheet Modelling

Begin date

w/c 3 May well 2011


w/c 6 Summer 2011 – (late projects capped at a pass)

Assessor name

Andrea Cassidy-Allan

Project title

Assignment 2 - Enhance, test and evaluate a fancy spreadsheet version The purpose of this kind of assignment should be to:

Improve, test and evaluate the functions of your complex chart model to fulfill the advanced needs of the specified user/organisation. Scenario

Ridgeway is a significant college providing a full selection of academic classes, together with business courses such as plumbing, cabinetry and so on. Additionally, it offers night and weekend courses within its adult education programs. The supervision team in Ridgeway desire to use chart software to read student enrolments and training course funding to get the Year 2011.


As per assignment 1 with additional features.

Job 1

The Staff in Ridgeway would benefit from a menu/switchboard function that will allow them to understand to each bed sheet from one primary menu. Making use of the following software methods: (P6)

Make another worksheet called Everyone should be open Sheet. This should be easy to use, with 4 buttons named Students, Classes, Enrolment and Funding. Record the event of opening every sheet separately using a macro and designate the macro to their appropriate button on your Meet Sheet.

Add an Quit button on the Welcome Linen, you should create VBA code within the click event on this button to show a Message package to ask the consumer if they are sure that they want to exit the Spreadsheet. If the customer selects certainly the workbook should close, otherwise it should remain open.

(Evidence: Print screens in the spreadsheet exhibiting the Pleasant Sheet which includes Exit button with concept, VBA code and simple explanation)...

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