Cause and Effect Essay

Cause/Effect Essay


About 70% of the couples who marry take the decision of getting divorce. Divorce is among the most critical social concerns in the modern world. It may be very common lately, and this affects all levels of contemporary society. In the past, divorce was quite rare. Today, however , a majority of marriages breakup in the first few years. When ever involved in the divorce lack of connection, infidelity, and financial danger is the causes to provoke one or two to split apart and take their particular lives into different path.

In the first place one significant cause that leads to a divorce is lack of communication. A large number of couples stop communicating with one another because each is busy carrying out their own issues in life whether it is work, hobbies and interests, raising children, activities, many other things. A lot of couples have different job agendas not letting them see each other most of the working day. When they finally get to see one another is at night time and sadly they are both fatigued and they just go to sleep. Considering that the time that they can live jointly is insufficient, the lovers find it difficult to find time to exchange their views due to using a busy lifestyle and for fatigue. Also, many married people have poor interaction because they do not know how to exhibit their feelings to their spouse. Marriage may not be a successful romantic relationship if a single one does not talk about about his/her emotions or issues, and expects their partner to do you know what the whole is actually about. Finally, most couples just do activities instead of employing words. Married people think that they don't need to communicate their appreciate for each additional verbally and this only offering for your house is sufficient to be aware of that they treatment and appreciate each other. Various people feel that because they supply things from the home like foodstuff, pay bills, take care of the house, and so forth they do not possess any other...

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