Bjt Physical exercise Essay

Determine VCB in the transistor circuit demonstrated in Determine 1 . The transistor is constructed of silicon and has =150. Assume VCE = 0. 7 Versus.

Figure one particular

Ans: 2 . 85 V

(4 marks)

Determine the voltage gain, Av from the circuit demonstrated in Determine 2 . Presume = 2 hundred.

Figure a couple of

Ans: Utav = 291

(6 marks)

For the regular emitter amplifier circuit shown in Determine 3,

(i) Attract the they would parameter equal circuit.

(ii) Obtain the expression pertaining to voltage gain and suggestions impedance in h parameters. (iii) If the transistor of Figure three or more has the pursuing set of l parameters: hiemal = 2k; hfe sama dengan 100; hre = your five Г— 10-4; hoe = 2 . five Г— 10-5 S

Locate the volts gain and ac insight impedance.

Number 3

Ans: Zin sama dengan 1 . 53k, Av = 375

(10 marks)

Consider the routine in Physique 4 listed below. Find the voltage gain of the augmenter.

Figure four

Ans: 360

(8 marks)

If VOTRE were to be taken from the routine in Physique 4, what would be the volt quality gain? So what do you determine from the reaction to this computation?

Ans: five. 38. VOTRE increases the ac electricity gain coming from 5. 37 to fish hunter 360.

(2 marks)

Explain the operation of your transistor while an amplifier.

(5 marks)

Pertaining to the common emitter amplifier proven in Determine 5, decide the following:

(i) internal emitter resistance, re'

(ii) input impedance, Zi

(iii) voltage gain, Utav

Figure five

Ans: r'e = 30. 56, Zi = 1/768 k, Audio-video = 127. 6

(10 marks)

Attract the generalized h-parameter comparative circuit pertaining to the bipolar junction transistor connected inside the common-emitter configuration.


(5 marks)

Give the equations relating the terminal variables Mire, Vo, IB, and IC in terms of the h-parameters pertaining to the receptor connected in the common-emitter setup shown in Figure six.

Figure 6th


(4 marks)

The transistor utilized in the common-emitter amplifier of Figure several has the pursuing hybrid parameter values:

hie 1 . five kО©, hfe 100, hoe 100 ОјS, hre 0.

Attract the small signal h-parameter...

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