Bangladeshi Film Industry Composition

Bangladeshi film industry's fight for survival (summary)

Dhallywood, a nickname commonly used for film industry in Bangladesh, has received quite an edge since 1971 as far as facing competition is involved, but is most probably going to lose it permanently. When it was separated from Pakistan, that they established a law to guard their film production by simply excluding and prohibiting American indian films. But this noncompetitive situation generated a disastrous state in the industry. They were doing not improve nor worry about and make use of new solutions and had decreased into the condition of disregard. As a result of lower films made every year (ten years ago it was about 100, nowadays it is just sixty plus the prognosis happen to be that it will drop even lower), many halls and movies have been closed and/or transformed into stores. Similarly film-makers strongly disagree with cancelling the prohibition of Indian motion pictures, but on the other hand you will find the owners of cinemas who would welcome and appretiate the opportunity to transmission other films as that will boast their particular income. Basic impression is that the current condition of film-making industry this is not practical and needs to become revamped. Which could happen by way of cooperating with foreign professionals and this approach learning and improving oneВґs skills, as being a Bangladeshi representative, Ms Hossain, suggests. In general, it seems that Bangladeshi original movies will not be in a position to satisfy the demand which is in these days quite considerable and directed at good-quality companies thus have to accept the competition very soon.

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