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PHASE 27: THE PATH OF EMPIRE           HREF="" 1 ) What were the monetary reasons for growth by the later 1800s? – There were new markets emerging. 2 . The thing that was Josiah Strong's rationale to get expansion? – To distributed American Faith throughout the American continent and weak countries. 3. Just how did Alfred T. Mahan impact American expansion in the late 1800s? – He strengthened naval electric power. 4. The thing that was James Blaine's policy in Latin America? – To rally nations around the world behind the united states to promote international trade. a few. Why would American and Britain dispute over Venezuela in the late 1800s?  What was your Resolution for the problem? – They contended over Venezuela's gold resources and the terrain. 6. What were the arguments pertaining to and resistant to the annexation of Hawaii? - Annexing all of them would increase taxes, but would give these people more terrain. 7. What problems had been developing in Cuba? How come was America interested? – There were revolts for independence which improved amount of annual fatalities. 8. How did the yellow press " manufacture" a war? – That they stirred up the public which led McKinley to declare war. being unfaithful. What was the Maine surge? What was the effect? – The U. T. S. Maine blew up at a Venezuelan harbor, causing Americans to become extra wary. 12. What had been the fights for and against was with Italy in 1898? - eleven. Why was the US mixed up in Philippines? What were the results with the invasion? - They needed somewhere in the South Pacific cycles to refuel their ships. Philippines were annexed through the Spanish Disposition 12. The thing that was the most hazardous factor through the Spanish-American War? - Disease 13. What did America gain resulting from the Spanish-American War? – Islands inside the Caribbeans. 14. What were the quarrels for and against the annexation of the Israel? Who business lead each side from the debate? Roosevelt led the movement to annex the Philippines and the Filipinos got always wanted to just be...

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