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Chapter a couple of Examine Employee Data

ACL in Practice

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Points to Bear in mind: An ACL project is actually a holder pertaining to data that you just import in to ACL as tables. When you use ACL, you either build a new task to work with, or you open a current project. A command is the name of a certain action consumed in ACL. The Statistics command harmonizes with numeric and date domains. Profile harmonizes with numeric domains only. A good way to ensure the integrity from the data is usually to check for copy records. To get the total volume of a discipline, use the Total command. The Quick Kind feature enables you to view the info in sequential order. A filter is a logical manifestation that you can enter the view's Filter text box. ACL displays only those information that match the filter. An expression is actually a set of providers and principles that you value to perform computations, specify circumstances for a test out, or make values that do not exist directly in the data. A great ACL expression can be a mixture of data areas or calculated fields, providers, constants, features, and variables. Commands: Statistics, Profile, Duplicate, Total, Speedy Sort--- Start to see the detailed details below.

From this chapter you accomplished the next tasks:

� Opening task management

� Browsing the job contents

� Using Stats and Profile commands to assess data

� Using Speedy Sort to sort the information in a specific order

� Creating and applying filter systems

Examine the employee list

Responsibilities: View the employee data job. Get a statistical picture. Look for duplicate staff records.

Open up and see the employee info project

Available the employee info project

Project: Open a preexisting project---Metaphor_Employee_Data and save job as Surname4A_Metaphor_Employee_Data, then OK, and close project.

Open an existing project---Surname4A_Metaphor_Employee_Data and commence. Tables: Agents_Metaphor - data all of Metaphor's independent phone sales agents around the world. Rename this data file as Surname4A_Agents_Metaphor. Employee_List -- lists all the Metaphor personnel at the head office. Rename this file as Surname4A_Employee_list.

See the contents in the employee info project

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Obtain a statistical photo

Generate statistics on the employee list

Make use of Profile to visit about a desk

Look for duplicate records

Seek out duplicate worker numbers

Take a look at employee salaries and Bonus deals

Find total bonuses paid in 2002

Use the Total command to find total bonuses paid in 2002

View salaries in descending and ascending purchase

View employee salaries in descending and ascending buy

View workers hired in 2002

Produce a filter to demonstrate employees that have been hired in 2002

Decide bonus like a percentage of salary

The Log

Your Folder





numeric-field-list specifies the number fields or expressions which is why statistics will probably be provided. date-field-list specifies the date domains or expression for which figures will be presented. STD computes the standard change of the fields specified, in addition to the other statistics.

Obtaining statistics on number and day fields

Work with Statistics on date and numeric domains to obtain a review of the data. For particular fields, the Statistics command delivers:

Record matters, field quantites, and normal field ideals for great, nil, and negative discipline values Total value


Highest and lowest field values

The information command also populates several system factors. To use the information command

Choose Analyze » Statistical » Statistics to display the Statistics discussion box. ACCOUNT


PROFILE numeric_fields...

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