An American Misfortune: Comparing «The Crucible» and «The Scarlet Letter» Article

A north american Tragedy: Assessing " The Crucible" and " The Scarlet Letter"

by: Jamie Newlands

Two American authors, of two distinctly several time periods got one very similar task, to turn a piece of American History in a believable disaster. Arthur Callier with The Crucible and Nathaniel Hawthorne with all the Scarlet Page. Perhaps one particular might ponder which author did a more satisfactory job in doing therefore , but with this sort of different pieces of work, this really is hardly a question that can be clarified.

Miller's the Crucible was written in the nineteen-fifties, with a definite purpose, to point out to Americans in the horrible witch trials that took place in Salem, could the American Revolution was obviously a thought. That served as being a tool to warn against the same thing happening with the Communism hearings taking place in our country at the time it had been written. Callier wrote a play, which has been not very well received by the first audiences to experience it, nevertheless non-e the less has become recognized as 1 the finest bits of literature authored by an American.

Hawthorne's the Scarlet Letter was written in the eighteen hundreds, with no other purpose but also for Hawthorne to write down a new. Hawthorne probably chose this dark subject to convey his contempt intended for Puritanism. He was a man preoccupied with the hidden sin which can be illustrated in not only the Scarlet Notice, but also in The Minister's Black Veil. One might even say that Hawthorne's ancestry (Hathorne) is what he might consider his own " Pearl", and this is why he changed his name.

Just like Miller's the Crucible, The Scarlet Page takes place in Puritan Salem and contains a tragic leading man, but these will be the only similarities between the two great works.

In Miller's play, the tragic leading man is Ruben Proctor, a person whose pleasure causes the demise of countless women, tried out as werewolves. Had Proctor chosen to expose his bad thing of lechery with Abigail Williams prior to the problem got out of hand, this individual would've preserved several females from getting hanged. But Proctor,...

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