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What does holc stand for essay

Who did the Glass-Steagal Act help?All who put money in banks, banks itselfWhat did the Glass-Steagall Act do?Established FDIC, require banks to be cautious w moneyShort term effects of Glass-Steagall ActProvide insurance for savings, attempt to restore faith in calvert school baltimore admissions essay did the Federal Securities Act help?Corporations and stock purchasersWhat did the Federal Securities Act do?required truth in stock infoWhat does AAA stand for?Agricultural Adjustment ActWho did the AAA help?FarmersWhat did the AAA do?reduced production of farms to boost prices, pay farmers to destroy cropsWhat were the short term effects of the AAA?Create upheaval due to starvation and destroy food supply, help raise farm prices, money to farmersWhat were the long term effects of the AAA?Unconstitutional, HATED that people were starving and farmers paid to destroy their cropsWhat does 365 english essays stand for?Civilian Conservation CorpsWho did the CCC help?Men 18-25What did the CCC do?Paid young men wages 30(25 sent directly home) to make parks, plant trees, bld public worksWhat were the short term effects of the CCC?Put 3 million men to work from 1933-1942, 800 state parks, 46,000 bridges relief to familyWhat were the long term effects of the CCC?Taught many to live on own, increase self esteem, This type of program exists today as the NCCCWhat does NIRA stand for?National Industrial Recovery ActWho did the Recent articles italian culture essay help?IndustryworkersWhat did the NIRA do?set up PWA for construction mgmt, NRA for fair practices, trade unions bargaining rightsWhat were the short term effects of what does holc stand for essay NIRA?won articles indian culture essay as individual programs, legal standing to unions saw increase in membership 8220;We do our part8221;What were the long term effects of the NIRA?Unconstitutional in 1935What does NRA stand for?National Recovery ActWho did the NRA help?IndustryworkersWhat did the NRA do?fair practices, wages, hours, child labor lawsWhat were the short term effects of the NRA?16 million covered, outlaw child labor, 8 hour day, 1.

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